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Your Guide to Hytrol Terminology – Part 7

Education is always a top priority at S&H Systems! By staying current and up-to-date with the latest practices and procedures, we can ensure we are providing the best possible service to our many clients. Hytrol, one of our partners, uses a vast number of terms and phrases when referencing their equipment and products. Our team at S&H Systems is dedicated to becoming fluent in this terminology so we can fully understand how this technology works. Take a look at the last installment of our Hytrol Terminology Blog Series to learn even more useful words and phrases.

Part 7 of Common Hytrol Terminology: U-Z

Underside Bed Cover – Sheet metal used to cover the underneath side of a conveyor.

Underside Take-Up – A take-up section located beneath the bed of a belt conveyor. Undertrussing – Members forming a rigid framework underneath the conveyor, used for supporting the conveyor.

Variable Speed – A drive or power transmission mechanism that includes a speed changing device. A.C. electrical variable speed ratio 10:1

V-Belt – A belt with a trapezoidal cross section for operation in grooved sheaves permitting wedging contact between the belt sides and groove sides.

Zero Pressure Accumulating Conveyor – A type of conveyor designed to have zero build-up of pressure between adjacent packages or cartons. (NSPEZ, ABEZ, PREZ, LREZ, CREZD, CCEZ, CCAC, DCEZ, PLEZD, E24)

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