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Your Guide to Hytrol Terminology – Part 4

Being fluent in conveyor terminology is important in this industry. At S&H Systems, we do our best to educate our staff with all the terms needed to successfully navigate this highly technical field and better serve our clients. Take a look at this next section of our Hytrol Terminology blog series to gather some new information.

Part 4 of Common Hytrol Terminology: K-M

Knee Braces – A structural brace at an angular position to another structural component for the purpose of providing vertical support.

Knurled Thumb Adjustment Nut – A nut used on accumulating conveyors to adjust the pressure required to drive the product. May be turned without the use of tools.

Lacing – Means used to attach the ends of a belt segment together.

Lagged Pulley – A pulley having the surface of its face crowned with a material to provide for greater friction with the belt.

Limit Switch – An electrical device used to sense product location.

Live Roller Conveyor – A series of rollers over which objects are moved by the application of power to all or some of the rollers. The power transmitting medium is usually belting or chain.

Machine Crowded Pulley – A pulley in which the crown or vertex has been produced by an automatic, usually computer-driven, machine.

Magnetic Starter – An electrical device which controls the motor and also provides overload protection to the motor.

Manual Start Switch – A simple one direction switch used to turn the conveyor on or off.

Minimum Pressure Accumulating Conveyor – A type of conveyor designed to minimize the build-up of pressure between adjacent packages or cartons. (138-ACC – 190-ACC)

Motor – A machine which transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. Standard motors are dual voltage and operate at 1725 RPM.

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