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Supply Chain senior finance executive, Mark Donovan, joins S&H Systems as Chief Finance Officer

S&H Systems, welcomes Mr. Mark Donovan to their executive team. Mr. Donovan brings over thirty-six years of financial expertise, having led numerous strategic teams across multiple manufacturing and supply chain forums – including Hickey Freeman Apparel, Robert Talbott Wineries, Collective Brands and Blockbuster.

“Recognizing Mark’s strong financial leadership skills and his passion for integrity, Mark will focus on the continued growth of S&H Systems and the financial teams supporting this segment of our business,” said Michael Holland, Executive Vice President.

Mr. Donovan is a contributing author of the book, Next Level Supply Management Excellence: Your Straight to the Bottom Line Roadmap, with specialties in Supply Chain, Lean Six sigma continuous improvement and SOX.

Mr. Donovan also brings his stewardship passion to community and civic leadership by working with non-profit youth educational mentoring programs, women’s shelter protection programs, and Habitat for Humanity.