Sortation Systems

Product diversion that’s built for both speed and gentle handling

Sortation systems move large volumes of parcels, boxes, cartons or parts rapidly through a facility. This allows companies to ship or receive using smaller storage space, enabling lower labor costs and higher productivity. Choosing the right sorter means analyzing your operations, goals, products, and facility restrictions.

A variety of benefits from the use of sortation systems include: ergonomics, process flow, safety and speed.

S&H Systems provides a best-fit sortation solution, while delivering value for the entire handling process.

Tilt Tray
Narrow Belt
Vertical Crossbelt
Pop-Up Wheel
S7000 Sorter
Horizontal Crossbelt


Designed for the highest throughput rates and gentlest product handling, this sorter delivers more accurate handling for a variety of products in ecommerce, warehousing and parcel industries. Great for small package and items.


Tilt tray sorters provide gentle, gradual and secure movement of products, usually into a chute. Using gravity, these sorters are adaptable to handling irregularly shaped packages from lightweight polybags to larger packages. These high-speed continuous loop conveyors provide high reliability with minimal maintenance.


These sorters use right angle transfers to move medium sized products. Offers high sort rates and up to 75% less space than other sortation equipment. Best used in picking modules, order consolidations and shipping operations.

Vertical Crossbelt

With a distinctive space-saving design, vertical cross belt sorters are versatile and durable, assuring maximum uptime and scalability.


This high-speed sorter creates a space between packages to help improve throughput and accuracy; effectively and efficiently feeding mergers, combiners, sorters and other equipment. Also allows time to print and apply labels, read barcodes, and weigh packages.


These diverters rise up to move an item off a conveyor and are designed to sort product or provide side-to-side alignment of product for layout flexibility in mid-rate applications.

S7000 Sorter

Intralox’s Activated Roller Belt (ARB™) technology enables excellent performance for a range of package types within a short footprint. The most capable sorting and merging technologies for polybags and eachs.

Horizontal Crossbelt

Horizontal Crossbelt sorters are known for flexibility and are perfectly suited for small spaces. Versatile and durable to assure maximum uptime and scalability.