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S&H Systems Partners with IAM Robotics to add additional goods-to-person options


S&H Systems has joined forces with IAM Robotics, adding powerful and efficient Autonomous Mobile Robot Bolt to its solutions portfolio

Jeff Roberts, Chief Revenue Officer at S&H Systems, is pleased to announce that new partner, IAM Robotics, has signed an agreement to provide the Bolt platform and other robotics solutions to S&H Systems.

“This partnership brings additional flexible and robust goods-to-person robotic options to our product array. The Bolt platform is packed with high-tech features, and is built to thrive in warehouse and manufacturing environments,” Mr. Roberts explained.

Justin Ray, Director Advanced Technology Solutions adds, “IAM Robotics has developed a brilliant technology, with hot swappable batteries and a robotic form that works seamlessly across all products. It matches S&H Systems’ desire for flexibility and scalability to meet our clients’ ever-changing operations.”

Bolt is completely autonomous, compatible with conveyor and material handling systems, and scales easily for any size application. Bolt has the power to move materials faster, longer and farther with best-in-class payload, up to a 20-hour runtime and a hot-swappable battery that is 3.5 times larger than similar AMRs and can be swapped by one person in less than 10 seconds.

IAM Robotics Founder and CEO, Tom Galuzzo, reflected on developing the robot. “When we built our AMR, we thought, ‘How can we make this the most powerful, flexible, and collaborative solution?’ We honed in on battery power and direct-drive wheels to ensure Bolt has the power to operate safely and efficiently—even with top modules attached.” He continued, “Bolt is already opening new doors for IAM Robotics because it introduces us to a faster-growing market with general AMRs.”

The Bolt platform also offers enhanced collaboration, working alongside teams efficiently, with extended safety features and a 360-degree field of view.