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S&H Systems is Driving New Initiatives

Maintaining the status quo has never been enough for us at S&H Systems. We are always searching for ways to expand our business, taking it above and beyond all expectations. One of our recent accomplishments in this pursuit is our purchase of our very first truck. This 53’ trailer is so much more than just a vehicle to us, though. It shows the hard work of our many dedicated teammates and symbolizes all the new goals we aim to achieve one day. Discover how we plan to use this trailer and some of the ways it will help us attain our many milestones.

About the Truck
This trailer was purchased to streamline mobilization at each job site. This greatly helps our installation crew by providing a fully-loaded, operational trailer on site when the team arrives. The trailer transports many of the tools our crew uses on a regular basis in a single trip, eliminating a great amount of travel time. With their tools neatly organized in shelves inside the truck, crew members are also able to locate their tools quickly as well.

The significant purchase of this 53’ trailer creates a powerful impression on our company. Not only does the new transportation allow us to complete tasks more efficiently, but we’re also able to spread the word of our company through brand awareness. The extra storage space also opens the door for taking on an increased number of tasks and new challenges on a much larger scale.

In addition to all of this, the trailer also contains an air conditioned office for our supervisors and site managers. It has Wi-Fi, a printer, and adequate space for meeting with customers in a quiet, comfortable environment.

The Future
This new truck will be the first of three vehicles we plan to purchase. We have many high hopes for these trucks, as well as many ideas of how they will contribute to company growth. Now that we have the ability to take on bigger jobs at a more efficient pace, we plan on using this strength to help our business expand. Not many integrators have this transportation ability. Obtaining this 53’ trailer not only increases our visibility, but it also sets us apart from our competitors and shows our unwavering dedication to company growth. We are excited to see what S&H Systems will achieve with this new potential.

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