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S&H System Continues to Grow with an Expanded Office

As our company continues to expand at a steady rate, our need for added space becomes a necessity! S&H Systems’ recent growth has caused us to move a satellite office from Batesville, AR to join our corporate office in Jonesboro, AR. This transition required us to build out and expand our Jonesboro office to make room for our Accounting and Human Resource Departments. Discover some features of our new and improved office space and get a glimpse of what we plan to achieve in the future!

Our office space expansion adds 1,536 square feet and accommodates eight employees. This new space is an open office area that allows and encourages team collaboration; we also have two adjoining offices for our Director of Finance and our Human Resources Admin Manager. This additional space is used for our Accounting and Human Resources Department.

We also added 17 new parking spots. Everyone fits comfortably into this updated establishment! It took a month to prepare and our team is settling nicely into their new areas.

We created this space with our employees in mind. Our goal was to make this office feel more like a second home and less like a workplace; we accomplished this mission by making the office as attractive and relaxing as possible. We painted the office using cool, neutral tones, while also implementing LED lights that are better for the eyes than fluorescent lights are. Employees are encouraged to add their own personal touches to give our space a more homey feel. Take a look at the photos below to see how our renovated office is coming together!


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