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Save Time and Money with S&H Systems Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Managing workflow is vital for running an efficient and successful business. S&H Systems assists with this challenge by providing our innovative automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). Discover our advanced solutions that increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

Mini Load Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
Through its lighter, compact design, these AS/RS save a significant amount of space. Not only do they allow you to store more material, but they also operate in a narrow aisle, opening up more room for additional storage. These systems are comprised of strong yet lightweight alloys, which makes them easier and less expensive to install.

Unit Load Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
Although these Unit Load Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are much lighter and more compact, they can still perform heavy-duty jobs with ease. They are much less expensive to install, maintain, and operate, and their reduced equipment clearance requirements let you store more material in less space. These solutions are a must-have addition for your team.

Light-Directed Work Cells
Our Light Directed Solutions provide increased picking speeds, increased order accuracy, a reduction in labor costs, and virtually eliminates paper in the warehouse. These highly efficient systems can increase productivity in your fulfillment operations by over 300%!

S&H Systems is dedicated to creating the most efficient and time-saving solutions for your business. If you’d like to hear more about our equipment and services, contact us today.