Robotics increase accuracy, flexibility and productivity

S&H Systems partners with FANUC America, offering the industry’s widest range of robotic solutions with over 24 million products installed worldwide. These products, along with our integration expertise, provide cutting-edge advances in robot and vision technology with substantial benefits in material handling productivity.

As an authorized integrator, S&H Systems’ robotic integration capabilities include solution development, system engineering, project management, manufacturing, installation, and lifecycle support services. This complete approach ensures reliable performance and extends the value and life of each system.

Scalable robotic solutions offer flexible product handling, deliver consistent around-the-clock productivity and integrate seamlessly with existing material handling systems.

Automotive Industry
Food and Beverage Industry


Intelligent robots work with AI-driven software to form a real-time feedback loop that continuously shapes decisions and performance. Adjust your fulfillment priorities as orders fluctuate to recalculate order priorities and inventory movement.


Robotic palletizing and depalletizing solutions automate the labor-intensive task of loading and unloading product onto pallets. Solutions handle a broad range of product types and configurations, while increasing throughput, improving ergonomics and reducing operational costs.


Collaborative robots add flexibility and safety to your automotive production line, and are easily integrated into existing production environments. Robots can be used in dangerous environments where high-quality and precision are business-critical, while significantly reducing worker injuries. Manufacturers using collaborative robots experience higher productivity, lower costs and increased workplace safety.          


Robotics are used in palletizing, pick-and-place, packaging, processing and casing of food – with increased safety and quality as well as significant decreases in lost or damaged product. As with other industries, adding robotics to your production line, increases flexibility, adaptability and repeatability for many applications.