Order Fulfillment

Mobile sorter scales up or down, depending on demaND

Gephardt Workhorse AS/RS – Release inventory in proper sequence and rate. Handle a variety of package types and sizes

Our order fulfillment solutions are designed to increase efficiency and accuracy. We offer robotics, voice and light directed solutions designed to work with or without labor assets.

S&H Systems range of order fulfillment systems drive maximum throughput and order accuracy for workflow and product applications in ecommerce, parcel, retail, warehouse and manufacturing industries.

Mobile Robot Systems
Mobile Robotic Picking
Mobile Robotics
Pick/Put Wall
Light Directed Picking
Voice Directed Picking


Add value to your process with collaborative robots that work hand in hand with humans. The IAM Robotics Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Bolt has the power to move material faster, longer, and farther with best-in-class payload capacities and a one person hot-swappable battery, plus safety features like 360-degree field of view.


Adding robotics to your picking process not only lowers costs versus manual labor, but also saves valuable production time. Equipped with human-like eye-hand coordination, they measure, sort and pick to any number of conveyors, cells, products and package configurations.


Intelligent, mobile robot units navigate autonomously, act in swarms and offer total flexibility. Capable of working hand-in-hand with humans, robots align seamlessly with many warehouse and distribution operations.


An effective way to consolidate diverse products across multiple channels with in a DC, pick/put walls enhance efficiencies and integrate with both manual and automated picking workflows.


An ideal order fulfillment choice for fast-moving, full and split case picking operations. Handles an unlimited amount of SKU’s, reduces errors by up to 75%, can be configured for seasonal spikes or shifts in demand.


Specifically designed to excel in challenging environments, solution is precisely tailored to your specific business needs. Supports numerous worker configurations and designed to improve productivity, reduce errors, ensure worker safety and decreased training time.