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Marcus Lathrop joins S&H Systems as VP of Software Integration

Michael Holland, S&H Systems President/COO, is pleased to announce that Marcus Lathrop has recently joined S&H as Vice President of Software Integration. “Marcus brings extensive knowledge across the Supply Chain ranging from Information Technology, Engineering, Logistics, and Operations Management to our management team.”

 Mr. Lathrop developed an exemplary model of harmonizing people, processes, and technology through his nearly thirty-year diversified background; and possesses a relentless passion towards driving results through strategic leadership, business savvy, and alignment with tactical level execution. Mr. Lathrop is best known as a forward thinker and Supply Chain Strategist implementing top tier technology, innovative solutions, and process optimizations. Multiple Global Enterprise Corporations have leveraged Mr. Lathrop’s talents for software solutions deployment, automation systems, and application integrations.


Mr. Lathrop was the Director of Supply Chain Engineering & Systems at JCPenney; Corporate Director & Chief Engineer at Rent-A-Center; General Manager of Fulfillment at Blockbuster; Operations Manager at Wards Distribution. He has backgrounds in both retail and ‘rentail’ business transactions, with a broad peripheral view of Supply Chain operations.


  • WMS Implementation at 25 sites, 4 countries, in 8 months without operational disruptions and on-time delivery.
  • Delivered SaaS-based routing optimization application which supported a fleet of 8K vehicles with mobile connectivity and real-time visibility.
  • Managed over $132M in capital investments which funded new automation systems and infrastructure to address capacity, obsolescence, and life-cycled systems.
  • Deployed on-demand/system-directed picking module which reduced labor requirements by 30%, and increased customer order accuracy by 10%.


Mr. Lathrop is a certified practitioner in Lean Six Sigma as a Black Belt with 2 preceding belts; End-to-End Supply Chain Management, and Product Life Cycle.  He attended the University of Texas at Dallas in a business program known as C4iSN: Center for Intelligent Supply Networks. He obtained 4 industry respected certifications over the course of 4 years to enhance his professional knowledge.