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Learn about S&H Systems’ Safety Policies and Procedures

Safety is a key component of any successful business. At S&H Systems, we make sure that our safety procedures and policies are a priority for all our team members. We work with numerous types of big machinery and other automated equipment that could pose a potential hazard to our employees, so we recognize the importance of thoroughly training and informing our team. Discover how we conduct safety training at S&H Systems to ensure the well-being of all our teammates.

Which Safety Topics Are Covered?
Our safety training encompasses a wide range of topics so that each employee is well-educated. These topics include: Forklifts, Scissor Lifts, Aerial Lifts, Fall Protection, Ladders, Heat Stress, Housekeeping, and many others. Forklift, Scissor Lift, and Aerial Lift training occur every three years (unless additional training is necessary). All other training is conducted every year, as these procedures are constantly improving and evolving.

How is Training Administered?
Training is administered to all field crews (Supervisors and Millwrights) as well as office personnel. Safety training is delivered through multiple classes that involve reading material, videos, taking quizzes, and participating in hands-on exercises.

How Have Injuries Been Reduced?
S&H Systems takes great lengths to prevent injuries in the workplace as much as possible. We have a Safety Committee that meets quarterly to oversee the OSHA 300 logs and discuss any injuries that have occurred, what could have been done to prevent those injuries, and follow up on the well-being of the person(s) involved.

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