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INVAR WCS and S&H Systems Synchronize your G-T-P operation perfectly

by J Phelan, VP Systems Sales

At its core, WCS should be viewed as the muscle behind every container movement system ­– routing and consolidating the flow of goods with real-time automation instruction.

But not all WCS development, or implementation is the same. Which is why S&H Systems has partnered with The Invar Group for its WCS development.

“INVAR’s understanding of all Material Handling Technologies, as well as their end-to-end approach to define, design and deliver the total solution is what drew us to this company,” explains JJ Phelan, VP of System Sales at S&H Systems.

INVAR’s specialty is with unit sortation and goods-to-person, a primary component of S&H Systems’ client needs. As an independent company, INVAR is very client-focused and isn’t handcuffed to specific technologies, and with their depth of material handling experience, they are a perfect complement to S&H Systems commitment to deliver modular, flexible and scalable solutions.

In every ecommerce situation, islands of automation each need their own information to function. INVAR develops the WCS to work in tandem with WES and WMS – in fact, the entire W*S suite – helping to deliver material handling subsystems that ensure every automation option (from high-speed sortation to pick/put walls to manual picking) is perfectly synchronized.

“We’re proud to add INVAR as an S&H Systems partner. Their customer-focused approach and unparalleled customer service matches our own company culture and goals to provide the right solution for our clients,” added Jeff Roberts, CRO of S&H Systems.