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Gebhardt Intralogistics Chooses S&H Systems as First North American Partner

Gebhardt Intralogistics North America is excited to announce that S&H Systems is joining its Preferred Partnership Program.

“We look forward to jointly offering state-of-the-art warehouse automation technology, including shuttle solutions, mini-loads, and crossbelt sorter technology to ecommerce, distribution and warehouse customers,” said Klaus-Dieter Wurm, President & CEO of Gebhardt USA.  

Mr. Wurm continues, “We chose S&H Systems because of their thoughtful approach, best-of-breed product selection, long-term commitment to customers, and because they are a recognized systems integrator of next-generation fulfillment and distribution center solutions.”

“S&H Systems is proud to partner with Gebhardt Intralogistics in our mission to provide flexible, modular and scalable solutions like the Cheetah Neo and Heavy Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems,” adds Jeff Roberts, Chief Revenue Officer at S&H Systems. “As part of our commitment to our clients’ success, this relationship allows us to offer additional flexible and modular solutions, giving our clients options in an ever-changing customer driven environment.”



GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group is one of the world’s leading companies for internal logistics. GEBHARDT warehouse technology guarantees maximum delivery capability, and modern warehouse technology converts simple buildings into efficient distribution centers. Shuttles, automated guide vehicles and automated storage & retrieval systems facilitate high handling capacity within the warehouse and in ecommerce order fulfillment. Gebhardt USA is located in Streetsboro, OH.  For More information, visit GEBHARDT USA – GEBHARDT USA Inc. (