Execution (WES)

Warehouse Execution System (WES) helps plan, organize and optimize the activity flow in a warehouse or a distribution center.

WES has tools to manage orders processing by providing the ability to plan batches, waves (or waveless) processing in the timeframe desired.

Workload Balancing allows operations to organize and plan the activities in a day and complement the WMS and WCS to provide for a complete warehouse solution .This provides operations the ability to have flexibility to configure and use the system in a way that matches their normal operating procedures while allowing adjustments in staffing and shipping for peaks and valleys that are part of seasonal or special processing situations. Real time visibility of progress is an essential tool provided so that facilities can meet their goals.

WES provide for the core essential processes of the following:

Order planning

Labor Optimization

Workload Balancing

Order flow and release

Management tools and visibility


Improved Resource Utilization and planning

Identifying Super performing and Under Performing Work force to plan for rewards and training

Planning and Optimizing of Operational Strategies basis Historical data

Key Metrics that can be tracked through AnalyseIT


Operator Productivity

Equipment Utilization

Order Profiling and Pareto Analysis

Dock Utilization