Conveyor Systems

Accumulation Conveyor keeps operations running smoothly

Conveyors move materials, products and loads throughout a manufacturing or distribution facility with the goal of a more efficient, reliable and continuous facility operation. Loads ride atop rollers or a belt with a fixed path for loading and unloading.

Conveyors reduce costs and increase worker productivity by moving large volumes of material rapidly to pick, pack, and ship locations. There are two main categories of conveyors: gravity and powered, each with several varieties of functionality, depending on the goals for each facility.

S&H Systems has the expertise and the product relationships that deliver the solutions you need. We work with both large and small companies – developing systems that meet hundreds of different criteria.

Motorized Driven Roller
Live Roller Accumulation
Zero Pressure Accumulation
Minimum Pressure
24 Volt
Belt Curve
Modular Chain
Vertical Spiral


Motorized Driven Roller (MDR) conveyor is quiet, safe, low maintenance and offers many modes of operation such as: non-contact zero pressure accumulation, “run on demand” zones, singulation and slug release. Reduced energy consumption and quiet operation are key features of MDR.


Live roller conveyor uses power to propel boxed and palletized products down the line. They are an economical solution for warehousing, manufacturing, and beverage distribution; as well as many other industries.  Benefits include durability, low maintenance, as well as being cost-effective.


These conveyors don’t allow products to touch each other while moving, reducing damage to fragile items. Can also hold products when needed, accumulating in zones while products are moved down the line. Benefits include being energy efficient, able to handle products of various sizes and weights, and noise reduction.


Minimum pressure accumulation conveyor allows manual adjustment of the drive pressure on the load rollers which causes the products to lightly touch while being conveyed. They can be adjusted to bring the back pressure to 2% of the live load. Best for consistent package weight and sizes and queueing products for sorting, palletizing, etc.


Accumulation conveyor that utilizes a decentralized drive system with a pancake motor located in each zone. Each motor has ability to run at a selected speed bringing ultimate versatility to this conveyor type. Best for manufacturing, warehousing, picking, food & beverage. Benefits are compact design, quiet operation, variable speed adjustments and energy efficient.


We offer both slider bed and belt-over-roller conveyor. The slider bed is a typical full-pan construction while belt-over-roller creates less friction in extra-long units. Slider belts are ideal for packing, inspecting, sorting, assembly and testing. Belt-over-roller uses include inclines and declines, small and bagged products and high-speed scan tunnels.


High performance parcel singulator allows three-dimensional bulk flow to cascade quickly into a single layer at the start of sorting process.


Highly reliable, robust construction with low maintenance. Known for daily on-time delivery of parcels in more than 100,000 installations world-wide.

Modular Chain

Lightweight yet strong, this flexible, modular and scalable design is ideal for food, packaging and pharmaceuticals. Handles small packages with care, no belt tracking issues. Waterproof design makes for easy cleaning and sanitization.


Gravity roller conveyor is a non-powered solution that is an economical, durable, and safe option to move light to medium loads. Easy to install and relocate. Can be installed on an incline, or in a straight line in a shipping or assembly.  Benefits include being cost effective, with easy installation and maintenance, while improving handling capacity. 


Parcel belt conveyors are robust and designed to meet the demands of the parcel industry. They are constructed with modular options that are ideal for the wear and tear of highspeed parcel applications. Can accommodate rapid maintenance and repair.


Vertical spiral conveyors are designed to offer ease of product movement between multiple levels. Vertical Spiral Conveyor use minimal floorspace and offer low operating costs and easy repositioning.