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Commitment: Best-of-Breed

For distribution, warehouse and fulfillment centers, having best-of-breed equipment installed means your operation is well on its way to having a competitive advantage. S&H Systems is committed to designing, installing and supporting the system that works best for you – and that’s why we bring best-of-breed equipment – enabled by our in-house expertise, to every project.

As a systems integrator, S&H Systems adds value to your projects by:

  1. Having the resources and capabilities to analyze and select the right equipment for your project.
  2. Our ability to integrate each component into a system that solves your ROI, throughput and delivery issues.
  3. Adding the right software, both WCS and WES, that supports your facilities’ goals, both today and tomorrow.
  4. Managing and installing your system to meet deadlines. We’re known for installing systems on-time, 100% of the time. That’s right, 100%.

Today, robotics have become an integral part of modern warehouse automation and we’ve added the Grey/Orange Butler and Butler PickPal as an additional option for goods-to-person technology. These robots add an additional layer of adaptability to rapidly changing inventory profiles and demand patterns.

Best-of-Breed equipment and expertise from S&H Systems, one more way we demonstrate our commitment to your success.