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High Speed Sorting Solutions for Small Packages

As each day passes, more and more consumers are buying one or two items at a time, expecting them to show up on the front door the next day, or maybe even the same day. With the continued increase in parcel shipping costs, gone are the days where companies can simply drop those one or two small items in a carton, fill it with popcorn or crushed paper, tape it up, apply a label and send to shipping via a host of conveyors or sortation systems.

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Light’s Out eCommerce Business Case

Lights Out eCommerce may sound futuristic, but this concept is being used today to help businesses differentiate themselves and become more agile, especially during times of disruption and uncertainty; such as the COVID-19 pandemic, where supporting a workforce and reaching customers quickly may be a tremendous challenge.

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S&H Systems adds Interroll solutions to warehouse automation options

S&H Systems has added innovative Interroll cross belt sorter and conveyor products that offer enormous versatility for warehouse operations to their menu of automation products. Jeff Roberts, Chief Revenue Officer of S&H Systems, is pleased to announce an expanded relationship with Interroll, a global manufacturer of high-quality conveyor solutions.

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