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Big Announcement – S&H Systems is Now Partnered with GreyOrange!

At S&H Systems, we are always looking for ways of improving our procedures and services in order to better provide for our many clients. This is why we are excited to announce our most recent success: S&H Systems has established a new partnership with GreyOrange! GreyOrange is a multinational technology company that designs, manufactures, and deploys advanced robotics systems for automation in warehouses, distribution, and fulfillment centers. Learn a little about GreyOrange and how this partnership will benefit both our companies for years to come.

What You Need to Know about GreyOrange


A company dedicated to the needs of its customers, vendors, and employees, GreyOrange was founded in 2011 and organized their headquarters in Singapore. With offices all over the globe in Germany, India, Japan, and the USA, GreyOrange is able to support and serve a wide range of people.


GreyOrange is fully committed to advancing the way logistics and supply chain processes are being optimized across the world. By employing some of the most talented and determined professionals, this company is able to create advanced, high-quality products to accomplish some of the most difficult challenges.


GreyOrange develops some truly outstanding products to help achieve success for their customers. They offer two goods-to-person systems, Butler and Butler PickPal, and two sortation systems, Linear and Pick-Put-to-Light. They are always working to advance their systems and integrate the latest technology in order to serve their customers to their fullest potential.


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Our new partnership with GreyOrange means we can serve our clients even better than we could before. With cutting-edge technology and dedicated team members, we are here to help fulfill all your material handling needs. If your company could benefit from our services, give S&H Systems a call today to learn more.